The Best Films Of 2014, All In A Handy Supercut

We're heading into awards season, that time of year when you look up from the TV and think, "Yikes. I haven't seen any of this stuff."
If you have any desire to expand your cultural horizons or, at the very least, beef up your shot at winning the annual Oscar pool, Little White Lies magazine's video supercut is quite the primer. According to them, these are the 25 best films of 2014. We may not agree with every single pick — Nyphomaniac is in the top five? — David Ehrlich's skilled editing sure makes a compelling case for each flick. Also, some genius snuck in Starship's "Nothing's Gonna Stop Us Now."
We won't spoil the top film for you, but there's plenty here for all tastes: horror, James Franco, artsy independents, animation, subtitles, aliens and vampires, and biopics. Somehow Godzilla edged out Interstellar, but Gone Girl and Boyhood both got some love. And, is it just us, or does someone over there have a Scarlett Johansson crush?
Watch below for the full 12-minute supercut. We're already crafting excuses to leave work early so we can hit up the art house.
Video: Courtesy Little White Lies/David Ehrlich.

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