Allison Williams Doesn’t Want You To Hate-Watch Peter Pan

You may not love Marnie, but it's difficult to not be completely charmed by Allison Williams. Turns out, the actress has a simple request for fans ahead of her starring role in NBC's live musical adaptation of Peter Pan: Please, Hammer, don't hurt the children hate-watch the show.
The Girls star told Time magazine that she wants viewers to tune in because they love the Pan story, and not because they're looking for flaws or want to poke fun.
"People watched The Sound of Music wanting it to fail, and I know that people will watch Peter Pan that same way," Williams told the magazine, "but I would hope that the strong among them would watch thinking lovely and wonderful thoughts."
Aww. That's just what Peter would say, right?
"If you’re going to watch this the same way that you watch a TV show that you hate, but you hate-watch it with all your friends so that you can drink wine and tweet at each other about how it’s bad, you need to just go ahead and take those lenses out of your glasses and put in the lenses that you had when you were six," she added.
The recently engaged actress admitted that she's especially sensitive to any negativity surrounding Peter Pan.
"I’ll read what people say about my recent Allure cover, because, who cares," she said. "That’s my face! I don’t care — I’ve heard it all! But, there’s something so personal to me about Peter, and it hurts me so much when people look at him through a cynical lens, and look at this whole thing through a cynical lens. I’m like, ‘You’re literally looking at this through the wrong viewfinder!’”
Got it? Watch with an open mind, make room for magic, and maybe invite a small child (niece? nephew?) to see it with you. You can always save your hate-watching for The Bachelor or 19 Kids and Counting. (Time)

Peter in the window. My month of prep ended on Friday, and rehearsals began yesterday. Can't. Wait. 12/4/14.

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