Too Many Cooks Gets The Behind The Music Treatment

"It takes a lot to make a stew. A pinch of salt and laughter too. A scoop of kids to add the spice. A dash of love to make it nice. And you've got...Too many cooks! (Too many cooks.) Too many cooks! (Too many cooks.)"
Remember last Friday? We were all so innocent back then. It feels like such a long time ago. There were no nude photo shoots trying to #BreaktheInternet. The main discussion topic was Adult Swim's rapidly-going-viral sensation, Too Many Cooks. The '80s and '90s sitcom intro parody originally aired during the channel's 4 a.m. infomercial block. It wasn't long before those smiling people, names in bright yellow font, and the extremely scary killer (whose name is actually Bill) were blazing a stew-making trail across the Internet.
In this new video, The Daily Share traveled behind the scenes for a glimpse into the Too Many Cooks kitchen. They spoke to creator Chris "Casper" Kelly about the sitcoms that inspired his Franken-credits. He joked that he intentionally left out allusions to Cheers due to a long-standing feud with Ted Danson.
Kelly also revealed that Too Many Cooks was filmed in roughly two days, but that it took over a year for the stew to finally come to boil. Editor Paul Painter said the team would "noodle around" on Cooks only after all of their other projects had been completed. Neither one mentioned going insane from hearing the song too many times, but they might just have Stockholm syndrome.
Watch the video below for more fun facts about the chefs who made Too Many Cooks happen. Then, watch the original. Finally, enjoy an image that really might break the Internet after all. Spoiler alert: It involves Smarf and Muppet nudity. TGIF, everyone.

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