Everything You Need To Know About Benedict Cumberbatch In 90 Seconds

Let's say that you live under a rock. No judgment! Rocks are solid, certainly more impressive than mere dirt, and always beat scissors.
Under-rock dwellers may wonder, "What is a Benedict Cumberbatch?" Well, dear readers, BuzzFeed has the primer for you.
The Benedict Cumberbatch is a highly rare creature, with some experts believing that only one currently exists. It is often spotted in a variety of geographical regions, from the barren plains of Red Carpet to the urban forest known as the Holly Woods.
But, like the mockingbird or the Smith's dwarf chameleon, the Benedict Cumberbatch can sometimes be difficult to locate in the wild, thanks to its ability to modulate its voice, physical appearance, and behavior. If you spy a mythical Sherlock Holmes, it is more than likely to be a Benedict Cumberbatch. (Though it is sometimes mistaken for a Jonny Lee Miller, which is from a totally different phylum.)
For more help identifying the elusive B. cumberbatch, check out the video above. (BuzzFeed)

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