Jennifer Lawrence Acts Her Heart Out In First Mockingjay Clip

From Walter White's criminal rise in Breaking Bad, to the blood-soaked Red Wedding in Game of Thrones, television has given us plenty of bombshell moments over the past few years. But, none of them compare to the absolute shocker Katniss gets in the first clip from The Hunger Games: Mockingjay – Part 1, which hits theaters on November 21.
While taking a break from their fascist government-overthrowing day jobs, Katniss and her rebel colleagues appear to be breaking for some much needed R&R. Apparently Ellen wasn't on at the time, so they settled for Panem's host with the most, Caesar Flickerman.
"There's been rampant speculation about what really happened in the Quarter Quell," Flickerman tells his audience, referring to the shock ending from the last Hunger Games. "Here, to shed a little light on the subject for us, is a very special guest." (It seems surprise celebrity guests are big in the future, too.)
"Please welcome, Peeta Mellark."
Oh, snap.
Anyone who watches The Vampire Diaries, Pretty Little Liars, or Revenge, knows what it feels like when a character is brought back from the dead.
Cue Katniss' best WTF face now.

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