Janet Jackson Makes Rare Public Appearance In Dubai

Photo: Gareth Cattermole/Getty Images for Vogue & The Dubai Mall.
Just the other day, I was walking down Broadway when Janet Jackson's "Feedback" came on shuffle. In less than two swings of the hip, my stride went from 1989-bounce to Ms. Jackson-strut. It was in that moment that a thought came over me: Where in the world is Janet?
Perhaps Oprah was right about The Secret and willing things to happen because not a a day later did images surface of Beyoncé dressed as "Rhythm Nation"-era Janet Jackson. And, no sooner did Bey pull a J than Jackson herself emerged from whatever cocoon she was in. (Coincidence? I think not!)
Jackson made a rare public appearance at the Vogue Fashion Dubai Experience over the Halloween weekend. This was her first appearance since the May 2013 amfAR 20th Annual Cinema Against AIDS in France. Its been reported that her cheekbones looked "fierce" and she sported a Henna tattoo.
Whether a new album is in the works is still up for debate; she hasn't put out any new material since 2008's Discipline. Either way, welcome back. It's been far too long. (Us Weekly)

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