Lena Dunham Reminds You To Vote Against Sexism Next Week

Happy November 1! As we leave the terrifying clutches of Halloween festivities, we're about to enter something even scarier: non-stop Christmas music the final leg of midterm election season.
And, in case you forgot how important midterms are in the grand scheme of our political process, Lena Dunham would like to remind you to get out and vote next week.
"I used to think that all that mattered was that you, you know, vote for Obama, then go back to eating Cheetos and reading gossip magazines, but the fact is, the midterm elections matter," Dunam said this week in a video posted by Glamour.
Dunham created the video in partnership with the Planned Parenthood Action Fund’s Women Are Watching campaign. While still plugging along on her book tour for Not That Kind of Girl, Dunham encourages young women to "keep sexist health care policies from passing" and "keep sexist politicians out of office" by exercising their hard-won suffrage. "When you show up to the polls, you empower yourself, you empower the women you love, and you take control of your own body back from politicians who don't want the best for you," says Dunham. Because, if you don't take the time to use your political power to stop lawmakers from policing your body, you don't have a whole lot of room to complain when they do.
Good news is, you can resume eating Cheetos when you're through at the voting booth. Mmm. Cheetos.
Vote on November 4! (Glamour)

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