You’ve GOT To Hear T-Pain Without Auto-Tune

In life, there are certain things that are just given: the sun will rise, Jason Derulo will sing "Jason Derulo," and T-Pain is forever auto-tuned. Okay, that's not a scientifically proven fact — it just is, you know? T-Pain loves his Auto-Tune more than Kanye loves Kanye with Auto-Tune. So, when he decides to go full a cappella, one has to wonder: Is Mercury in retrograde? (It's not.)
NPR requested T-Pain perform three of his songs without "embellishments or effects" for its Tiny Desk Concert series. He obliged and the results are terrific. Like, can-T-Pain-please-put-out-an-acoustic-album terrific. But, enough talking. Pour yourself a drank, press play, and hear for yourself.

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