This Video Proves That Ben Affleck Was Totally Miscast in Gone Girl

When it was released earlier this month, David Fincher's Gone Girl became an instant cultural juggernaut. Critics and audiences raved over its darkly comic undertones, twisty, engrossing narrative, and the film's scathing critique of the media and marriage. The biggest marvel, however, were the performances. Never before had such a grab bag of random actors played against type to such a winning effect.
Ben Affleck as a down-on-his-luck patsy? Um, ok. Tyler Perry as slick celebrity lawyer? Sure, why not? Neil Patrick Harris as a creepy, obsessive stalker? If you say so! But, just when we were ready to declare Gone Girl's casting as the most inspired we've ever seen, this video emerged. It's called Gone Purrl, and because of it, we know who really should have starred in Gone Girl.
Cats, cats, and only cats.

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