This Is The Beyoncé & Taylor Swift Mashup We’re Not Sure We Needed

At this point in time, as citizens of the planet, we are almost obligated to bow at the feet of Beyoncé. We're also supposed to have some sort of opinion on Taylor Swift. They are arguably two of today's biggest stars and therefore polarizing. And, over the past year, they've both put out their most personal (and critically acclaimed) records to date.
So, when some person with an ear for remixes mashes their songs together, you'd expect some sparkling pop creation. And, that is what happened when Bey's "XO" was spun over Swift's recent hit "Out Of The Woods"— but just barely.
At the risk of not offending the Beygency, Yoncé's contribution is ***flawless. It's the '80s vibe of Swift's Jack Antonoff-assisted production that doesn't jive as well as it should. Don't get us wrong here; the mashup does the trick and packs the feels. But, it's stuck twirling in the theoretical woods when it should be twirling on the dance floor. Listen for yourself and weigh in.

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