Taylor Swift's Next Frontier: Local Access TV

Hey, Taylor Swift: What're you going to do now that your new album, 1989 , is slated to sell over one million copies in its first week? "I'm going to Disney World create a local access show with Ellen DeGeneres called Kitty Corner!"
Somehow this hypothetical situation doesn't seem too far-fetched. Swift and DeGeneres staged a five-minute sketch during the "Shake It Off" singer's latest appearance on Ellen to promote her new LP. It's cloyingly funny and awkward in all the right places. There are ugly sweaters, obligatory cat-eye specs, and puns galore. Oh, and Grumpy Cat makes a cameo, too. Just kittying!
Swift's 1989 might be on its way to platinum, but Kitty Corner is pure, campy gold. Or, as Taylor with a "y" would say, "purrfect."

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