This Gory Supercut Of Unforgettable Movie Deaths Is NSFL(ife)

Get ready for a goregasm (if that's your thing). This round-up is called "The Greatest Movie Deaths of All Time." It's all very macabre, celebrating the extremely gory ways in which people have been killed onscreen. But, it's hard to look away from some of the creative (for lack of a better word) ways in which filmmakers have brought death to their characters.
There's the scene from Raiders of the Lost Ark. You know the one. It's like a live-action version of Edvard Munch's "The Scream." And, the opening scene of a Japanese film called Suicide Club, in which a group of young girls pleasantly count down and then hurl themselves in front of a speeding train. See, I told you we were venturing into Thanatos territory.
The roundup comes courtesy of the creators of The ABCs of Death 2. According to the film's Facebook page, it's "[A] celebration of death in all its forms. From the shocking and exotic through to the banal and droll. The spectrum of cause will run from the accidental through to murder most foul."
In order to avoid merely recreating The ABCs of Death 1 (oh, did you miss that one?), producers Ant Timpson and Tim League tasked 26 internationally acclaimed directors with choosing scenes from films representing each letter of the alphabet. According to the second film's press notes, this would also avoid having too many scenes featuring toilets. It really boggles the mind, trying to think of that many movies with death by latrine. I'd rather not, actually.
Anyway, watch the quick supercut of unforgettable movie offings below. Apologies if you just ate.

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