It's Jane Goodall's Planet (Of The Apes), We Just Live On It

Photo: REX USA/Stuart Clarke/Rex
It's all too easy to feel a little down about the future, but this week's Newsweek cover story about Jane Goodall serves as a nifty reminder that there are still plenty of kick-ass women inspiring future generations.
Goodall's lectures attract massive crowds of people around the world. Diehard fans of the conservationist — who revolutionized the way we think about chimpanzees and humanity —drive hours to see her speak. And, that apparently includes little girls whose patient parents and grandparents encourage their curiosity. One mom and her daughter played hooky to drive from Lancaster, OH, to Bucknell just to see Goodall.
Another little girl, a six-year-old named Juliet, freaks out about seeing Jane as if the famed primatologist is a rock star on par with Taylor Swift. She's went with her grandmother, who drove four hours to bring Juliet to see "the most awesome girl in the world!"
Juliet isn't the only one impressed by Goodall. We're totally in love with her spirit, passion for environmentalism, and sense of humor. Which is all the more reason why you should bookmark her cheekily named blog to keep abreast of this badass 80-year-old's adventures and causes. Because, if she's coming to your town, you might want to get in line now. (Newsweek)

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