Could Facial Aerobics Be The Secret To Chiseled Features?

Photographed by Amelia Alpaugh.
There are some pretty crazy things we'll do in the name of beauty — especially when a tip or trick claims to get us one step closer to model status. Yes, we'll wax, contour, and smize our ways to perfection. And yet, there's one thing we haven't tried. According to a facial-exercise expert (because that's a real thing) who spoke with Byrdie, some models enhance their gorgeous visages by working out their jaw, lip, and cheek muscles.
The post outlines three of these techniques, which, if done correctly, claim to help you look as chiseled and contoured as Karlie Kloss. But, you should know: We covered the topic earlier this year, and not all experts agree that these "workouts" are 100% effective — in fact, some have said that repeated movements of the face, if you're not careful, could actually exacerbate wrinkles. While doing facial aerobics does help increase blood flow, some dermatologists are skeptical that it could stimulate collagen production or lessen fine lines.
Science aside, some of these exercises sound fun. One of my personal favorites is the "Fish Face" (which is its real name). Along with puckering and un-puckering your lips, you're also directed to "pump your cheekbones up and down." You should probably do this in the mirror, just for your own amusement. Click over to Byrdie to see the full list. Maybe, you could do them on the treadmill — it'll be a two-for-one workout (or something). Just don't forget to snap a model-esque selfie while you're at it. (Byrdie)

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