This Blog Upholds Your Long-Held Suspicions About J.Crew Models

In the annals of single-subject social media accounts, Drunk J.Crew has quickly risen to the ranks of our faves, right along with Fashion Grandpas and Old Man Search. Which is pretty impressive considering it's only been around for a day.
The Tumblr goes by the tagline "Ever notice how drunk the models for J.Crew are?" and imagines a world in which the layered-up posers get deep into a bottle of cab and start talking like dejected-yet-excitable LOLcats. It began making the rounds on Twitter immediately after its debut — maybe because it illuminates all that slump-shouldered posing and messy hair in your latest Style Guide.
Click on to see our favorites, and follow the blog for more posts, which we hope will continue as long as Jenna Lyons is serving up artful dishevelment. You know what? Drunk J.Crew models are right: It IS burrito time.

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