6 Reasons Why Brandy Melville Is This Generation’s Abercrombie & Fitch

Teen retailer Brandy Melville has gotten lots of press lately for not only its massive, cult-like following, but for its image, which is unapologetically sexy, but also pretty exclusionary.
In this way, it's similar to that titan of '90s and '00s teen style, Abercrombie & Fitch, which frequently came under fire for its laser-like — and self-admitted — focus on cultivating a customer base that was cool, thin, and popular.
But, while Abercrombie has made some major changes to rehab its image, including stripping its controversy-bait CEO Mike Jeffries of his chairman title, prioritizing diversity, and switching up its style to appeal to a customer that's more cool-girl than mean-girl, will Brandy Melville follow suit? Or will, like Abercrombie, it take sales slipping for them to make changes?
Ahead, we investigate some of the similarities between the two retailers. The more things change...

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