This Documentary Explores Why We’re All Getting Hacked

There's a lot of talk about the Internet, freedom, and privacy this year. That's because it seems every other week there's a hack on the private parts of our lives that have a digital footprint. Many have fallen victim to hacks on their Gmail, Snapchat, and iCloud. But, not many totally understand the story behind how things became this way. When did your cell phone become fair game for whoever feels like looking? In a new documentary, Vivien Lesnik Weisman explores the story behind the key figures in this timely story. In the film, hackers Andrew Auernheimer and Jeremy Hammond, journalist Barrett Brown, and more share their experiences with whistle-blowing and the real deal behind what's going on with your privacy online.
Check out an exclusive clip from the documentary below. The Hacker Wars premieres at the Village East Cinema on October 17.

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