Emma Stone Is A Terrible Liar

Emma Stone is great at many things, but fibbing is not one of them.
Last night was Stone's turn to play Jimmy Fallon's cloyingly amusing game of "Box of Lies." Unlike Jennifer Lawrence, Stone's confidence in her inability to lie was on full display. "I love to lip-synch, but I'm a terrible liar," she confessed before grabbing box number four.
Inside was a frozen Frozen DVD. There are an infinite amount of directions the Birdman actress could have taken when concocting her crock — playing cards not being the wisest of choices. Fallon's gimmicks are so random a frozen Frozen DVD probably could have sufficed. Instead, Stone's charm got the best of her. Perhaps she should just stick to lip-synching.
Or, yelling as a new clip from Birdman showcases her keen ability to spit the truth at her walking existential crisis of a fictional father.
No lies here. Stone's character, Sam, holds a mirror not only to her father's feeble attempt at searching for relevancy, but our own. Nothing like a bit of nihilism to spark some inspiration, eh?

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