You May Not Insult Taylor Swift’s Kitty

John Cleese, despite being a titan of comedy, does not find bent ear cartilage adorable.
Appearing on The Graham Norton Show this week with the 74-year-old Monty Python member was Taylor Swift, who brought with her a photo of her Scottish fold cat, the exquisitely named Olivia Benson.
Cleese, either genuinely unaware of the physical traits selectively bred into Scottish folds or simply in character as a doddering grampa, asked Swift, "Is that a proper cat? Or is it damaged?"
"It's the weirdest cat I've ever seen in my life," he added. Naturally, Swift was offended.
But, Cleese is no position to cast stones, as he's currently the proud custodian of a non-standard cat himself — a massive Maine coon. After seeing a photo of Cleese's cat, Swift's outrage quickly turned into confusion, as she called his dear "a monster."
"It's an American breed," Cleese noted. "And the reason it's not here tonight is it didn't want to come."
Their differences were quickly mended, however, when a third guest — South African cricketer Kevin Pietersen — revealed that he wasn't fond of cats.
But, then Cleese went and undid that good will by noting that cats are "unpredictable and women.”
So, it appears the doddering grampa pose wasn't an act after all.(E!)

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