Put Marina And The Diamonds’ “FROOT” On A Loop This Weekend

Fruit is supposed to be one of the staples of our diet, but let's be real: not everyone eats it on the daily. Perhaps more people would if fruit tasted as good as Marina and the Diamonds' new song "FROOT" sounds.
Gone are the days of Electra Heart, the punny, home-wrecking alter-ego of Marina Diamandis; she killed her off over a year ago. And, though her follow-up to the wildly underrated debut album The Family Jewels, never took off stateside, FROOT could be just what she and her Diamonds need to break free of cult status. The album's title track of the same name has received nothing but praise on YouTube (read: "yaaaas," "EVERYTHING," "slay queen.")
And, rightly so. Electra Heart was riddled with lofty concepts that, though lyrically strong, failed to come together as one solid sonic idea. "FROOT," on the other hand, combines the tongue-in-cheek wordplay of The Family Jewels with Electra Heart's decidedly danceable production. It's 21st century Copacabana luxury laced with hairspray. Now all that's needed is a mirror ball and a dance floor.

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