iPhone #HairGate Is The New #BendGate

Milan-Day4-SS15-868Photographed by Victoria Adamson.
#BendGate? SO last week. The latest rumored issue with Apple’s iPhone 6 has nothing to do with your phone getting distorted in your pocket. According to Business Insider, users are now complaining that the phone tugs out chunks of their hair when they hold it up to their ears.
The site references comment threads on a popular tech blog and Twitter, where iPhone users have been reporting the side effect. According to these customers, the issue is in the gadget’s construction — there is allegedly a tiny space between its outer casing and the glass screen that allows strands to slip in. When they pull their phones away from their faces, pieces of their hair get caught. And, it's not just a head-hair issue — men with beards have also said they've been affected.
Plenty of us at R29 have the iPhone 6, and we haven’t experienced this. And, we’re sure that a good majority of iPhone users will never get tangled in this snafu. But, it’s something that can happen — and not just with an iPhone. There are other smartphones on the market with similar gaps, but nobody has griped about them as publicly.
The moral of the story? Your hair may get caught in your smartphone. Just keep an eye on your mane. Or, your beard. Or, any other hair you may have. Because, a phone-level bald spot is an accessory we never asked for.
Tell us — have you gotten your hair tangled in your iPhone 6? Or, do you think this is a bunch of malarky?

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