Sarah Silverman Loves Joan Rivers, Hates Adam Levine On SNL

Sarah Silverman hosted SNL last night and she was primed and ready to ask the important questions. Namely, "Can we talk?" and "Why is Adam Levine here?"
If we only had a dollar for every time someone asked that last one.
First, Silverman channeled her friend and idol, Joan Rivers, in a sketch that showed what happened when Rivers arrived in heaven. Naturally, she turned her meeting at the pearly gates into a roast of an all-star panel that included everyone from Ben Franklin to Lucille Ball. Franklin really seemed to enjoy Rivers' shtick, even though he didn't understand any of her jokes.
Oh, and Adam Levine was there to channel Freddie Mercury, although his impression consisted of a creepy smile and finishing his sentences with "Mamma miaaaaa." Because Freddie Mercury only spoke in quotes from "Bohemian Rhapsody," you know? Always yelling about Beelzebub, that one.
Later in the show, it became all too clear why Levine continually got the short end of the stick. Technically, he was just there as a musical guest (and even then, he was part of Maroon 5), but somehow The Voice team captain kept popping up in sketches. Finally, one sketch asked the important question: "Why is Adam Levine here?"
Some people have been wondering this for decades.
Just kidding, A. But, if you want to help shill for Pizza Hut, we're all ears for "And there willllll be stuffed crust" (sung to the tune of "She Will Be Loved"). In fact, we wrote a few more bars for you:

I don't mind spending every day / in line at the pizza buffet
Look for the pies with the extra cheese / ask your server for more napkins, please
And, there willllll be stuffed crust / yes, there willll be stuffed crust...

(We are available for jingle-writing, Pizza Hut.)

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