The Daily Show Vs. Catcalling: We All Win

For women in New York, walking to work is kind of like being in the sand worm scene of Beetlejuice. You emerge from your door, unsure of where the next creature will pop up to annoy you. Just swap out sand worms for construction workers, overly confident banker bros, and anyone looking to tell you how fine you're lookin' today, and you've got yourself a morning commute, ladies.
Some women find catcalling flattering. Many, however, find it offensive, and even scary. Do you respond to the shouts? How do you walk through a group of men on the street without looking visibly concerned?
Men sometimes say that we're asking for it, what with our business attire and our laundry-day outfits that scream for their attention. Ahead, how The Daily Show's Jessica Williams explored the problem with catcalling, and developed a creative solution that doesn't involved walking 20 blocks out of your way to avoid work zones. (Daily Show)

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