On Mean Girls Day, Four Emojis For You, Glen Coco

"On October 3, he asked me what day it was." With that unforgettable line, Mean Girls Day was born. Every year on this day, we honor the majesty of the movie that gave us the Plastics, the Burn Book, all-carb diets, and the mandate that on Wednesdays, we wear pink. We'll forgive you if you're wearing pink today (even though it is Friday) to honor the October 3rd-ness of the occasion. You can still sit with us. Even though you don't even go here.
To celebrate the day, Mashable turned some of the most popular Mean Girls quotes into 2014-speak. Basically, they've been emoji-fied. Or, as they say, "an upgrade that could help even Karen Smith understand." You know what? Karen Smith has a fifth sense. It's like she has ESPN or something. She can probably manage basic texting even without pictures.
Anyway, grab a toaster strudel, don your best plastic tiara, and join Mathletes (or don't, because it's social suicide). Happy October 3/Mean Girls Day, everyone. You go, Glen Coco. (Mashable)

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