David Beckham Makes A Proper Football Fan Out Of Jay Z

rexusa_2437552nPhoto: REX USA.
Jay Z and Beyoncé are in France. And, as the saying goes, when in France do as the French do. So, when game time rolled around for the Champions League between Paris Saint-Germain and Barcelona, Jay and Bey called up their pal David Beckham to accompany them for a day of real, proper football.
Now, since Beckham is the former midfielder for Paris Saint-Germain, all was not lost on his end. He knows this game. He breathes it. He is it. The Knowles-Carters, however, seemed...perplexed. And, understandably so. Sitting next to David Beckham would befuddle the most confident of man. Sitting next to David Beckham watching his former team play the sport he helped popularize? Grown men would weep.
And, no matter how cool, calm, and collected the World's Royal Couple appeared, there was just no hiding the addled state of the situation.
rexusa_2437552acPhoto: REX USA.
See here an earnest David Beckham silently blessing his former team. With one arm raised, Beck's mentee bestows his newfound football cred to Beyoncé. She nods and takes it all in, but really absorbs the words before they even come to Jay's mind for she is Beyoncé. She knows all.
rexusa_2437552btPhoto: REX USA.
Sensing a Kodak moment on the horizon, Bey raises a modernly vintage camera to her face and waits. "I don't know if this is the right time," Jay appears to say. Beckham abides.
"She was right," Jay thinks to himself, accepting Yoncé's ability to assimilate so quickly to the European football culture. "I guess I will to."
Beckham then smiles to himself. He has gone and bent these basketball fans towards favoring his sport. A fan is born.

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