"Let Her Go!" Or, Every Action Movie Ever

Action movies are all about the thrill. But, more often than not, they're also rife with a romance plotline. For most stories, that means the hero ends up saving some girl who, despite being a fully capable human, is the only one to end up in the clutches of danger. You may know her as the damsel in distress. So, in a world obsessed with the feminist musings of Frozen and "Let It Go," it's important to remember the flip side of that coin: "Let her go." It seems so obvious, but that line is quite the cinematic cliché.
The Huffington Post put together a supercut of films that've used this very line and plot point. We're talking everything from Indiana Jones to the latest installment of Taken. Below, the compilation of some of the biggest offenders. (HuffPost)

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