The Rihanna Bond Girl Name Game

Oh na na, what's her Bond name?
News broke yesterday, September 29, that the "Umbrella" singer was slated to star in the forthcoming 007 film Bond 24. Though it's unconfirmed, many of our readers were pretty open to the idea. Rihanna's tough, she's stunning, and gives zero you-know-whats. She'd make a fine addition to the already intimidatingly headstrong list of Bond Girls.
So, using 10 iconic Bond Girl names as inspiration, we thought it would be fun to imagine 10 possible names the screenwriters could give the potential Bond Gal RiRi. But, since the limit does not exist when it comes to cleverness, leave your ideas in the comments!
1. Mariah Juana
Marijuana. Get it?
2. Amber Ella
An homage to her 2007 hit.
3. Blaze
Some Bond names are short and to the point. Blaze is fierce. Blaze is feisty. You don't mess with Blaze.
4. Ella Turnt
What does Rihanna turn down for? Nothing.
5. Shé Nude
Before Rihanna's Instagram disappeared, she began captioning her selfies with the single phrase "She." It made no sense, but it was captivating.
6. Reb'L Fleur
It's French for "rebel flower." It's also a riff on one of her fragrances.
7. Rach Ette
In 2013, there was a rumor that Rih had partnered with Lady Gaga, Beyoncé, and Azealia Banks for what would've been the pop song of the decade, called "Ratchet." It never happened (or so we think), but maybe this name would be an incentive to bring it back.
8. Alana Phuckit
R.I.P. to the days of @badgalriri and her plethora of #phuckyo hashtags.
9. Cé-Cé L. Fay
10. Vulvatron
Lest we ever forget this dance.
Ahead, 10 of our favorite OG Bond Girls (shouldn't we be calling them "Bond Women" now?) Rihanna would rub elbows with should she nab this iconic role.

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