Fergie Debuts First Solo Song In 6 Years, Doesn't Spell A Thing

There was a moment back in 2006 where pop took it upon itself to educate its people in the art of spelling. Fergie Ferg, though never crowned, was the movement's leader. Sometimes she spelled things right ("Glamorous"). Sometimes she spelled things wrong ("Fergalicious"). But, writers and grade school test-takers alike can attest to singing her lil' ditties to aid in the proper spelling of "glamorous," "delicious," or "tasty" when faced with the prospects of using them in a sentence. (If someone denies this fact, they are lying.)
Fergie, however, does not spell a darn thing in her new track — her first solo song in six years. Instead, she reverts to the tried and true ear-worming formula of the "la la's." Scattered throughout her (lackluster but fine) comeback track, "L.A. Love (La La)," are city name drops followed by a "la, la, la, la, la" response. If this is her way of teaching listeners geography — for, this song is truly a global voyage — then okay. But, we prefer our Fergie spelled out. (E! )

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