You Can See Inside Michelle Williams’ Brooklyn Townhouse

It could be that Michelle Williams is modern-day Brooklyn. She and Heath Ledger were one of the first young celebrity couples to decamp from Manhattan for the borough's tree-lined streets in the mid-aughties. She walks among us. She shops our Target. And, her home — that ivy-covered townhouse in Boerum Hill — is all our dreams put together, painted brick by painted brick. But, now she's leaving to move to what we're sure is a very nice place in Los Angeles, and we are left with nothing but the real-estate listing and some glorious pics.
These seven pics say "this is how we do it," but not in a Montell Jordan kind of way. More like "this is what we think our apartment looks like when we find that vintage-perfect couch, when we get that one nook just right, and if we ever save enough for a real bed." But, Michelle? Girl really does it. She calls our bluff one well-worn hardwood floorboard at a time.
If you have $7.5 million laying around, you can buy this dream and call it your own. Though it might pain you to know that Williams and Ledger paid just $3.6 million for it in 2005 and that the house doesn't come with her (or her stuff) in it, but cheer up — you now own the most Brooklyn-y home in all of Brooklyn. (6sqft )