New Aaliyah Movie Trailer Shuts Down Haters

Alexandra Shipp came under a lot scrutiny when it was announced that she was going to replace Zendaya as Lifetime's Aaliyah in late June. Many believed Shipp, like Zendaya, didn't resemble the late-R&B icon enough. Well, critics, Lifetime sees your opinions and raises you a trailer.
A 15-second clip was shared on Lifetime's Facebook account that seeks to dispel any doubts in the film's casting decisions. Shipp is shown in Aaliyah's trademark crop top and baggy pants. The hair's there, beauty game's strong, and Shipp's gaze is pretty convincing. As for the dancing and vocals, well, audiences will have to wait for either a longer clip or the full movie to really make a valid judgement. But, from where it stands now, Shipp is definitely that somebody.
Aaliyah: The Princess of R&B premieres November 15. (Vulture)

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