Jupiter Has Ascended, Mila Kunis’ Baby Has Not

Depending on how you define "baby," you could say that Mila Kunis' baby has arrived. Currently, Kunis is waiting on two bambinos to make their worldly debut: one with Ashton Kutcher and the other with Channing Tatum. One is set to arrive in February 2015 and the other could pop out any second now. Seriously.
Of course, Kunis' baby with Channing Tatum isn't a real child. It's a movie called Jupiter Ascending where she plays a basic Earth chick destined to inherit a space throne and the planet. It was supposed to come out this summer, but the release date has been pushed back for reasons unknown.
Meanwhile, the other bun has been cookin' for months. That release date has yet to be announced. Stay tuned. (i09 )

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