Bey & Jay Visit A Church; We Can See Their Halos

beyonce_embed1Photo: via Beyoncé.
Beyoncé and Jay Z wrapped their joint On The Run (From Rumors) tour last week and turned down in Paris. Together, the Knowles-Carter family — along with the photographer that seemingly follows them everywhere, uploading pictures to B's Tumblr — visited a church. Blue Ivy played an organ and all three basked in a somber glow of candle lights. [Insert "Halo" pun here.]
Meanwhile, the aforementioned rumors surrounding the couple have calmed down. Recent song lyric changes made by Jay Z sent the media into a frenzy, speculating whether Beyoncé was pregnant again. The whispers were silenced in true Knowles-Carter form, though, with a photo of Bey champagne toasting the finale of the tour. (To be fair, however, that glass could've been filled with sparkling apple juice. Not saying it's true, but, you know, just saying...)
All heresy aside, though. The Knowles-Carter clan is in relaxation mode, celebrating the tour, and driving home the family dynamic so many outlets speculated was falling apart.
beyonce_embed2Photo: via Beyoncé.
No one can really know what's going on behind closed doors or what happens when the cameras are not on them, and, really, no one should. But, keeping up appearances are healthy reminders that when we're talking about the Beyoncé and Jay Z, we're talking about the Knowles-Carter family, Blue Ivy included — something they stressed in the On The Run video on the next page. (Us Weekly)

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