Azealia Banks Has Beef In Her New Song

The status of Azealia Banks' ever-forthcoming debut album, Broke With Expensive Taste, is still one big question mark. But, that hasn't stopped the 23-year-old rapper from teasing fans with new material.
Last week, Banks premiered two tracks during a show in Glasgow. The videos for "Wallace" and "Chasing Time" were fuzzy and too bass-heavy to make out what was actually going on, but held enough promise that, yes, Banks is coming back (again).
Luckily, the videos held true because the studio version of "Chasing Time" dropped this week and it's her most "Azealia Banks" song to date.
The '90s bedroom chanteuse-meets-Harlem-rapper vibe might come off as a love song at first, but lyrics like "Since my attitude is bitchy / but you already knew that" and "Checked my watch / I had the future in my pocket / but I lost it when I gave it to you" harp back to Banks' tumultuous relationship with her label. This is Banks' retaliation track — the rap version of Sara Bareilles "Love Song."
Banks has admitted to being difficult to work with in the past. Disputes with her former label are what has held BWET back for years. "Chasing Time" has her returning to proper form: tongue-in-cheek with an old-school, ball culture sound.
Welcome back, Azealia. Now, about that album... (Styleite)

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