The Interview Trailer: James Franco Has Questions For McConaughey’s Goat Lover

Before any celebrity nude pictures were hacked, Matthew McConaughey was caught, by the cops, playing the bongos. This was in 1999; he was naked, and the police found marijuana (no, really? You don't say.) lying around his Austin home.
Now, James Franco's riffing on the real-life incident in his real-fake interview movie The Interview. This time around, there ain't no bongos being played, though. Because, out of nowhere, Veep's Jonah (Timothy Simons) announces that photos of the Dallas Buyer's Club actor boinking a goat have surfaced on the Internet. And, like a good TMZ-style reporter does, Franco immediately seeks answers from said goat.
Whether Franco gets the answers he's looking for, however, remains a mystery. Since all we have is this three-minute-long red band trailer for The Interview to gather notes from. But, something tells us he probably doesn't get the goat, as CIA agent Lizzy Caplan soon enters the picture and opens the floodgates for sex joke after sex joke and some solid Kim Jong-un satire.
If that all sounds like a bit much, it's 'cause it is. Just press play and together we can all let out a collective sigh of "Alright, alright, alright." This is a Franco-Rogen production, after all. (The Hollywood Reporter)

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