David Gandy Clones Himself, Loses Clothing In The Process

david_embedPhoto: REX USA/Rex.
What a day — what a time! — it is to be alive! Fall has arrived, pumpkin spice lattes are here, and David Gandy is still shirtless. Yes, my friends, and not only is the David Gandy shirtless, but many cardboard cutouts of David Gandy are also shirtless. In the words of Oprah: You get a Gandy! You get a Gandy! You get a Gandy! You all get a Gandyyyyy!
But, how?! What proverbial falling star must we have wished upon to grant us such a Saturday treat? Blame Marks & Spencer, for Gandy helped design a line of underwear for the brand, and to celebrate, life-size cutouts of the model were printed.
Blessed be the inkjets that helped make this fortuitous moment in time possible. For true happiness was not known until this day. The only thing that could possibly make this better would be a joining of the two Davids: David Gandy and David Beckham — both shirtless and preferably not cardboard. (Although, we'll take what we can get.)

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