Hey, Taurus! Here's What Defines You

Whoever invented the "bull in a china shop" phrase as a synonym for "disaster" obviously doesn't hang out with Taurus folks much. But, it's their loss. Taurus babies — born under Venus, the planet of love and beauty — are dependable and loyal. They are the steady ones who make sure everything runs smoothly. Still, they have a fun side, too. Bulls have a tendency towards the luxurious things in life. And, because of their ruling planet, they appreciate beauty, culture, and art. Downsides? Bulls can be stubborn and take their desire for material things too far. "Expensive" doesn't always mean "better," people. If this advice resonates with you (or if you have a BFF Bull with champagne taste) watch today's all-Taurus installment of Astrologica to find out more about how this star sign works.
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