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Listen Up, Aries — Here’s What Sets You Apart

Do you consider yourself an innovator? A true trailblazer? Hey, you just might be an Aries. If you were born between March 20 and April 19, you belong to this fire sign, which is ruled by Mars, the planet of war and lust. Today, we're dedicating this Astrologica episode to you.
Rams are known for being fearless leaders who are not afraid to step into the spotlight. So, being the focus of today's show should feel natural to you. You may be easily bored and restless, but you know how to express yourself, how to perform, and how to venture out on your own. In love, Aries folks are on fire (this is, after all, a fire sign) and passion is a must. But, you'll usually settle down with a caretaker type, since you like to be spoiled. Ever the mavericks, though, Rams still like to be independent and might not "need" many friends. Find out how to balance all of this complex internal/external stuff with more from the AstroTwins in today's episode.
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