Catcall Me, Maybe? Hoda Kotb Says Women Love It

If you you're the kind of person who says that catcalling is a disgusting form of public sexual harassment that has been normalized through centuries of patriarchy and the debasement of women as nothing but walking genitals, NBC host Hoda Kotb has your number. You're lying and you enjoy the hell out of it, she says.
TMZ's crack team of paparazzi recently ambushed Kotb on the streets of Manhattan, where they asked her if women secretly like to be catcalled. Without missing a beat, Kotb says, "Yes. Women love it."
Oh, and she goes on: "When this happens, you know, it's over. When you're walking by all the construction guys, and they're scratching their bellies and they just look at you and look back. And, you're like this, 'Hello! I'm right here!'"
Was Kotb just joking around, or is she really on Team Doree Lewak? Watch for yourself below:
Oh, and don't miss the absolutely brilliant discussion of gender politics after the clip, led by TMZ's Harvey Levin and the brain trust he employs. "It's a compliment! It's a shouted compliment!"
Who needs feminist thought leaders when you have fucking geniuses like these? (TMZ)

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