Whoa: Keanu Reeves Is Back As A Puppy-Owning Hitman

Keanu Reeves is an action-film institution even though we haven't seen him in anything but memes for a while. Finally, the actor is back for another excellent adventure, playing John Wick in the eponymous John Wick.
Wick is a retired hitman who spends his days with Daisy, his sidekick Beagle puppy. Except, everyone who's seen a movie knows that a hitman not only never retires, but takes very little coaxing to go full-throttle back in the game. Which is why he retaliates against the gangsters who have taken from him everything he holds dear.
The trailer's got the signature riveting dialogue of a film so bad it's not only good, but quotable. Highlights include "How good's your laundry?" and the menacing "It's personal."
So, only a handful of questions remain. Is a Beagle the best part of this trailer? Is this the new Die Hard? Will you go see this movie when it premieres on October 24? The answers are yes, possibly, and yes. (Entertainment Weekly)

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