Listen Up, Pisces: Here's What Makes You Tick

This week, we're showing the Pisces among us a little love. The sign of the Fishes governs the dream world, meaning that you, dear Pisces, are fabulously creative — much like your iconic signmates Michelangelo and Alexander McQueen. Your seemingly limitless imagination delights you and everyone around you, but be careful. The flip side of the Pisces coin is that you tend to get attached to your fantasies, and can feel paralyzed and hopeless when they don't pan out IRL. As for your friendship style, you are as genuine as they come. Friends look to you to help untangle the emotional knots in their lives. You bring that same healing energy to your relationships, but beware of too much involvement. A little romantic independence can be a good thing! Watch the Astrotwins explain just what makes you (or a friend born from February 19 to March 20) tick.
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