The Fury Trailer Reminds Us That Shia LaBeouf Can Act

Hey, remember when Shia LaBeouf was an actor? Though it's been a while since the Nymphomaniac star made headlines for his on-screen work as opposed to his off-screen antics, believe it or not, there was a time when LaBeouf was one of Hollywood's most promising young talents.
Well, this fall the LaBeoufaissance (just go with it) officially gets underway. The 28-year-old stars alongside Brad Pitt and Logan Lerman in Fury, David Ayer's ultra-violent WWII shoot-em-up. Though the brand-new international trailer focuses mostly on the relationship between Pitt's commander and Lerman's new recruit, we do get a glimpse of what looks like a return to form for LaBeouf.
The film follows a group of tankers who face insurmountable odds when they become entrenched behind enemy lines. In January, sources claimed that LaBeouf got so into character that he refused to shower for the entirety of filming. In fact, his behavior became so erratic that both Pitt and Ayer had to warn the actor to take it down a notch.
Though Fury may not be the most highly anticipated film of the fall, its press tour sure is.
Watch the trailer below.

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