Dog Pageant Photos Are Everything You Dream Them To Be

Is there anything cuter than dressing up cute dogs in cute clothes? Maybe dressing them up and making them compete to determine which is cutest. Sure, it's not our finest moment as a species, but we need to fill our 80 or 90 years on Earth with something. And, as photographer Sophie Gamand proves, the result is pretty much better than every prom pic ever taken.
Her series, Dog Pageant, is a mix of photos from last winter's NYC Dog Pageant and a shoot she did in her studio. It takes doggy dress-up to the extreme, sort of like Best in Show meets Toddlers & Tiaras. That's some ridiculous ish that not even the Internet can deliver every day.
You'd think the dogs would look miserable, but they're leaning in big time. Are they doing it for the fame? The college money? The treats? Whatever it is, we're holding out for the reality show.
Click ahead to see these four-legged divas doin' their thing. (Flavorwire)

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