Everything’s Changing In Downton Abbey‘s Season 5 Trailer

Earlier this summer, Downton Abbey released a dear-diary-like teaser narrated by Carson. This brand-new season 5 trailer above is bookended by the butler, who happens to be the character most averse to change. And, it appears that change is everywhere this season. Servants are realizing they don't need to have a roommate for life. The Crawleys are contemplating what it might be like to pour their own tea. And, Carson — that old curmudgeon — is thinking he really ought to get on Twitter. Or, something like it.
Though a lot of this season looks like more of the same (ringing bells, untoward liaisons, Maggie Smith putting down her cane), there are some signs of real progress. Lady Mary looks like she's got a legit bob at one point. There's a fire, which is a tragedy we haven't seen before on this show. And, Daisy's thinking thoughts — serious thoughts about life outside of Downton. At this point, we wouldn't rule out the show becoming hers (which we're all for, as long as it means less screen time for Anna and her dear homicidal husband).
Downton's back September 21 in the U.K. But, in what we can only assume is some kind of British power play, we'll have to wait until January 4. (TVLine)

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