Finally, Your Nutella Prayers Have Been Answered

If you happen to love Nutella as much as we do, then you might want to sit down for a moment. According to Park Slope Stoop, a new restaurant called Nutelleria is coming to Brooklyn this fall and rumored menu items include everything from breakfast pizza to waffle sandwiches — all slathered in delicious Nutella goodness, of course.
But, before anyone gets too excited, there are two things to keep in mind. As diehard Nutella fans are likely aware, we're currently on the cusp of a very serious hazelnut shortage because of hailstorms and frost in Turkey. That could make this brilliant food fantasy much more difficult to turn into a reality. Perhaps even more important, Ferraro, Nutella's parent company, hasn't signed off on the concept or given anyone permission to use its name. So, it's not exactly above board.
Despite these potential hurdles, the restaurant's owners seem to be chugging right along with things.
“We are currently at the final stages of decorating the shop and expect to be open in the following several weeks," they told Park Slope Stoop. "We hope to create an environment where Nutella lovers and enthusiasts like us can come and indulge in delicious crepes with Nutella as well as various other Nutella inspired items on the menu."
Our advice: Go soon, just in case the powers that be decide to shut the whole thing down. Then go back to eating Nutella from the jar. There's no shame in that.

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