This Eminem & Sia Collab Will Tug At Your Heartstrings

If an artist wants to take their self-reflective song to a whole new level of passion, they should call up Sia. Just add a sprinkle of her magic dust and listen to how much more emotionally charged that song about past regrets becomes. She's done it with Rihanna, and now she's done it with Eminem.
The just-released track, "Guts Over Fear," finds Eminem acknowledging his past, but without the conviction to change it. This isn't your typical inspirational ballad, encouraging listeners to let go of things that have already happened. Rather, it calls for you to accept the times you've fallen short or sold out, but to continue moving forward through whatever fear you may have. It's a tough-love track, and Eminem's delivery is controlled, at times aggressive, but still earnest. And, it should go without saying that Sia's contribution pulls at the heartstrings.
This is Em's most mature track to date. Here's to more of this in his future. And, Sia. There can always be more Sia.
"Guts Over Fear" will be featured on the soundtrack of Denzel Washington's upcoming film The Equalizer (out September 26).(Just Jared)

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