Quentin Tarantino & The Hateful Eight Teaser. Need We Say More?

Earlier today Lena Dunham gave us our first look at the fourth season of Girls, and now we get a sneak peek at Quentin Tarantino's next effort, The Hateful Eight.
If today was Tuesday, we would officially declare it "Teaser Tuesday." Unfortunately, it's Friday, and "Teaser Friday" just doesn't quite leap off the screen the same way. So, let's just call this a regular old Friday that happens to include the release of two very special trailers.
The second one comes courtesy of the madcap Django Unchained director, who if you'll recall, threw something of a fit when his script for The Hateful Eight leaked last year. Tarantino swore the film —about eight oddballs and outcasts brought together by a vicious blizzard —would never see the light of day.
Well, he lied.
The Hateful Eight is officially slated for 2015, and now we have the first official teaser to prove it. It's scheduled to play before screenings of Sin City 2: A Dame To Kill For, and wasn't supposed to be released online. Luckily for us, a sneaky audience member filmed it and posted it for all to see.
If any of you are in the mood for some vintage QT, just press play. (Vulture)


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