Kim Kardashian Is Now “Waist Training”

We’re not fans of Kim K’s latest Instagram selfie. Something about sporting a corset that's marketed as a "miracle waist-shaper, gym, and garment combined" — and using the hashtag “waist training” — just rubs us the wrong way. Traditional waist-trimming workout belts do (sort of) work to help the wearer lose water weight — they're typically made of a non-breathable, rubbery material that makes you sweat more heavily as you exercise. However, Kim K's version is made with satin.
The reemergence of corsetry for the sake of function (rather than fashion) isn't new. Jessica Alba famously revealed that she wore corsets for months after the birth of her children. And, "The Corset Diet" — a lap-band-like action plan that entails using a corset to restrict how much food you can comfortably consume — is also a thing.
Jeff Halevy, Today show fitness correspondent, is a bit skeptical of the whole waist-training trend: "Waist training would be more aptly named 'waste training,' because you are training yourself to waste time and money... The notion of an external brace or corset reshaping your midsection is pure pseudoscience. While it is possible to elongate or stretch a body part over years, as some African tribes have proven with their customs, it is not at all possible to do the same to the trunk of the body — especially after coming into adulthood, when the torso's bones, tissues, and organs have grown to maturity." Plus, it all just feels a little excessive-Victorian-body-shaping to us.
Obviously, keeping up a regular exercise routine and a healthy, clean diet are the actual best bets for targeting your midsection — not wearing a tight band that will make your core sweat like crazy. So, if you're browsing Instagram for some fitspiration, we recommend skipping Kim's fitness tips and instead adding these pro accounts. If you really want to train your core, Kim, may we suggest trying the 15-second plank instead?
But, if you're still in the market for a corset, feel free to check out online retailer What's A Waist (their actual tagline: "WHATS A WAIST? ?????????????????") for all your boudoir needs.

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