Watch This Bey & Jay Rumor Video, Ya Filthy Gossip Junkies

Beyoncé Knowles is flawless. She has a a gagillion Fendi purses and a few silver Porches. Some say her hair is insured for $10,000. It's rumored she and Jay are getting Japan. They wanted to name their daughter Ivy Blue. One time they punched the Illuminati in the face. It was awesome.
Too many of us are dangerously addicted to any and all gossip we can scrape up these days. If you or a loved one find yourselves thinking you heard Bey and Jay were hit by three zebras and are on their way to a marital finale, watch the video below. It's Beygency approved to rid you of your incessant need to muse over the personal lives of two super famous people.

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