Cara Delevingne's Next Acting Role Has Been Revealed, Good Vibrations Ensue

caradembedPhoto: REX USA/Nils Jorgensen/Rex.
When I say "star of movie musical," you'd name almost anyone but Cara Delevingne. Still, the model, who's made no secret of her desire to transition into acting and music, is a hot commodity right now. Having her name above the title of pretty much anything would draw her eclectic fanbase in droves. Still, there's a difference between bit parts, like the one Cara had in Anna Karenina (where she didn't even speak), and headlining a movie musical.
That's what she's in talks to do, by the way. The duo that produced Hairspray and Chicago is teaming up with John Stamos to make All Summer Long. The jukebox movie musical uses Beach Boys songs as framework for a fictional story.
Cara is being considered for the lead female role. The Wrap, one of the first outlets to report on this new foray for the model-turned-actress, does not explicitly say if the part would require her to sing. But, it's a musical, so one would gather that at the very least, she'd be expected to do some melodic talking. Deadline adds that her character's name is Caroline. We thought it might be Barbara Ann.
This opens up all sorts of doors for Delevingne, the English rose who already pulls off California-girl style better than some natives. Could an album be next? A multimedia interpretive dance collaboration with Alvin Ailey? We'd say the sky's the limit, but we could also see her going to space one day. This girl gets around. (The Wrap)

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