The History Of Texting In Movies In One Video

There's no texting at the movies. But, that doesn't mean there's no texting in the movies. In fact, as texting has become the most ubiquitous method of communicating IRL (when was the last time someone called you?), directors have been forced to figure out ways to incorporate it into their work.
The most prominent new method has been the text bubble, as seen in shows like House of Cards and Sherlock. In both, displaying texts on screen has become integral to plot development.
In a fascinating new video called A Brief Look at Texting and The Internet in Film, San Francisco filmmaker Tony Zhou does his best to explore the evolution of text message representation in film and television. He also notes that showing the Internet on screen still remains somewhat problematic.
This could have easily just been a supercut of text bubbles in movies, but that would have gotten real boring, real fast. Instead, Zhou approaches the subject like a seasoned film prof. It's a must-watch for anyone obsessed with movies, texting, or both. (Uproxx)

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